About NLCG

NLCG is an experiential learning program offered by Penn State’s Smeal College of Business.  Housed within the Department of Management & Organization, NLCG has three components.

NLCG Consulting Services

A student-managed, faculty-supported consulting firm where NLCG members earn academic credit and work with clients on real-world business problems.

Penn State Consulting Organization

A membership Penn State student organization focused on preparing students for consulting related careers through mentorship, networking, case competitions, etc.

Consultant Training Program

Training and activities organized by NLCG members that are open to all University Park students interested in consulting as a potential career path.

Our Story

The Nittany Lion Consulting Group was created in 2020 following the merger of three project-based consulting organizations on the Penn State campus: Nittany Consulting Group, Management 496, and Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations.

By taking the best parts of each organization and uniting students with common interests, we at NLCG are excited to start this new journey which we believe will yield remarkable results for our students, engage more stakeholders – like faculty, alumni and recruiters – and contribute to making Penn State one of the top schools for consulting-related education in the Mid-Atlantic.

Join us as we reshape consulting at Penn State.


The Penn State chapter of Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations was founded by  ten students passionate about giving back to the local community. The organization saw resounding success  and became well respected, partnering  with clients driven to make a positive change in the communities they served. 

MGMT 496

MGMT 496 was founded after a push from  students to gain exposure to practical research while tackling real-world business  issues.  MGMT 496 would go on to have a highly successful consulting service tackling problems with Fortune 500 companies and local organizations.


Nittany Consulting Group  was founded by  two  Smeal  students  who had a passion  for both case competitions  and consulting.   As NCG grew, their members began to see notable success in both client engagements and case competitions. Further, they established an outreach program called CTP, which would serve to expose the Penn State community to the basics of consulting.

Smeal Consulting Initiative

The Smeal Consulting Initiative began as faculty and students partnered to identify  how Penn State could heighten  its  collective consulting experience. The  team recommended a merger of all three project-based organizations  into a single, more powerful  entity called the Nittany Lion Consulting Group.


The Nittany Lion Consulting Group piloted in the Fall semester with 55 members.  

Client Engagements

Client Engagements allow students to challenge themselves as they seek to deliver inventive solutions to their client’s pressing issues.

Unique Opportunities

NLCG members have the exclusive opportunity to work with clients solving a vast array of prevalent business issues.

Our Values


We strive for excellence in everything we do and hold ourselves to this standard both individually and



We value honesty and trustworthiness and adhere to the highest standards of ethical and socially responsible behavior in all aspects of our work.​


We are results oriented and seek to have a positive impact on our clients and our world in ways that are economically, socially, and environmentally responsible.


We are fiercely passionate in all endeavors and seek out challenges that require us to grow and better ourselves as professionals and as people.


We are committed to being a diverse and inclusive culture and aspire to be a community where each person is fully embraced and empowered to achieve their full potential.


Our values in practice

Learn how clients can see our values in action.

Weekly Class

NLCG members attend a weekly class where they work on engagements and receive lessons taught by nationally recognized faculty alongside industry professionals.

Case Competitions

Case Competitions are events where student teams are given a business scenario and are tasked with ideating a comprehensive solution within a specific timeframe. NLCG members have represented Penn State both on a domestic and international scale.
Our Executive Board

Meet the team that leads our organization.

NLCG SP 2024

Meet the teams that are successfully managing consulting services engagements.