Client Services

At Nittany Lion Consulting Group, we are dedicated to delivering value to the organizations and companies we serve. With students from a diverse range of majors and empowered by advanced training in consulting and management, our cross-functional teams come prepared to help our clients meet the challenges of today’s dynamic marketplace.

Our services


Where is your organization headed? Our teams of student consultants work to build detailed roadmaps of how you can achieve your short- and long-term goals in the most efficient manner possible.  

Process Optimization

Successful businesses are built upon a complex network of processes that ensure they maximize profit while retaining customers. NLCG consultants ensure that your business stays competitive by identifying weaknesses in current processes and alleviating these problems.


The customer is at the heart of any organization, and in order to retain current customers and attract new ones, a robust marketing strategy must be in place. NLCG members are well-versed in the art of marketing and can help your organization fuel it’s top line via proven strategies. 

Market Analysis

How do you match up to your competitors? Our consultants engage in extensive research to present your organization with the latest trends in your industry and your performance relative to your competition.  


Finance is the backbone of every business, without efficient financial tactics, organizations simply can’t survive. From Budgeting to Investments, our team of financial consultants will find ways to maximize your operating income while keeping in mind your long-term priorities.

Supply Chain

In this day in age, getting products from raw materials into customer’s hands in the fastest amount of time possible is a top priority. NLCG consultants analyze each step of your organization’s supply chain process to find ways to make processes more efficient while adhering to quality standards.  

Our business units

Our services are split into four key business units


NLCG’s Commercial Strategic Business Unit houses the majority of engagements relating to for-profit companies. The members of this division have a passion for improving the processes local and national businesses have in place and are dedicated to discovering new avenues for growth.


NLCG recognizes that it is imperative to give back and use our resources to make our communities a better place. The student consultants that work on non-profit engagements strive to help mission-based organizations that make an impact on the lives of others. With all work, we aim to achieve our four goals in service.


As organizations around the world are becoming increasingly dependent on large quantities of data to make decisions, NLCG helps to facilitate research for all organizations and provides insights into challenging issues facing industries today. Our students are immersed in curriculum that keeps them on the cutting edge.

Penn State

As proud students of one of the most storied university’s in the nation, NLCG makes it a priority to consult for professors, departments and colleges. By doing this, we play our part in helping our university’s goals of consistently reaching new heights and providing more opportunities for all students.

Prospective Clients

Every engagement starts with communication. Reach out and let’s see if we can help.

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