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Students are not the only group that makes up Nittany Lion Consulting Group. A powerful network of recruiters, faculty and alumni make our organization possible.

Part of what makes the Nittany Lion Consulting Group effective is our ability to engage multiple stakeholders aside from students. The power that alumni, recruiters and faculty can have on our organization is tremendous and the experiences they receive can be just as beneficial.


As a premier professional development organization, NLCG strives to maintain great relations with existing Penn State recruiters and make more recruiters aware of the talent available within our organization.

Recruiters have several opportunities to explore the talent available within our organization and can help shape the group to ensure that the training given matches with what recruiters are looking for in top candidates. See some of the opportunities companies and recruiters have with NLCG below.


Corporate Opportunities

Participation in NLCG, PSCO, and CTP experiences

Case Competition Sponsorships

Invited to teach select content

Company Informational Sessions

Participation in both NLCG and PSCO Exclusive networking events

Case Competition Sponsorships

Invited to teach select content

Information Sessions

Add an NLCG information session to your next recruiting trip to campus. Discuss consulting, business and your company with our members.

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Case Competitions

Case Competitions are events where student teams are given a business scenario and are tasked with ideating a comprehensive solution within a specific timeframe. We can help companies host one at Penn State.

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NLCG’s alumni play a critical role in the organization’s development as they have gone through the NLCG experience and have gained valuable insight into the industry. By involving alumni, NLCG is able to structure the organization in a way that ensures students receive the proper training for jobs in the consulting and business industries.

Further, the alumni of Nittany Lion Consulting Group are passionate about seeing the organization grow and strive to ensure that current students have the best opportunities available to them. Alumni can get involved in several ways, outlined below.

Alumni Opportunities

Mentor NLCG students and leadership

Attend networking events

Deliver lessons on in-demand skills to NLCG and CTP

Mentor NLCG students and leadership

Participate in networking events

Be a part of the Industry Advisory Board

Deliver lessons on in-demand skills to NLCG and PSCO

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