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Penn State Consulting Organization (PSCO)

The Penn State Consulting Organization is a student organization run by members of the Nittany Lion Consulting Group. The goal of PSCO is to create a consulting community at Penn State focused on teaching the fundamentals of consulting and to make students aware of the opportunities that lie in the industry. Members of PSCO can attend weekly lessons, develop a network with fellow PSCO members, engage with NLCG members through a mentoring program, and can be updated on the latest Penn State consulting news via a convenient Listserv. By promoting an open structure, PSCO allows any Penn State student to attend our events whenever it is most convenient for them. For prospective members of the Nittany Lion Consulting Group, active participation in PSCO is strongly recommended. PSCO meets every Tuesday at 6:30-8:00pm evening for a virtual lecture.

PSCO Information Sessions

Information sessions for interested students are on Tuesday, January 26 and Tuesday, February 2 from 6:30-8:00pm. Sign up to attend.


The foremost priority of the Penn State Consulting Organization is to educate the student body in the fundamentals of consulting through weekly class sessions. Taught by tenured faculty, high achieving peers, alumni and others in the industry, PSCO is a relaxed setting where students can receive vital lessons relating to consulting that will help supplement their academic pursuits.  

PSCO lessons include...

  • Introduction to consulting and the major firms in the industry
  • Introduction to common business issues
  • Fundamental Problem-Solving skills
  • Public Speaking / Presenting skills
  • Client Interaction skills
  • Case Interview Preparation
  • Strategic Thinking and Problem Analysis


PSCO gives students the opportunity to surround themselves with other highly motivated students who are passionate about business and consulting. Members of PSCO can meet students with backgrounds from Engineering to Accounting which helps them to develop their professional network and expand their social circle.  Through several methods, PSCO students can interact with NLCG members and learn what it is like to be an NLCG consultant.  

PSCO Canvas Class

Join the PSCO Canvas page to keep up with discussions, updates and course resources. 

Community Opportunities

  • Interact with a wide array of students and develop your social circles 
  • Build teams for on-campus case competitions 
  • NLCG mentor program 
  • Listserv of all consulting related events on campus 
  • Networking events 
  • Informational events 
  • Meet Faculty and Alumni 

The NLCG Pathway

PSCO serves to expose interested students into what it is like to be a part of Nittany Lion Consulting Group and helps them develop the fundamental skills they will need to receive acceptance into the organization. It is for this reason that active participation in PSCO is highly recommended as students will be able to experience whether joining the organization is a good fit for them and will develop the prerequisite knowledge required from all candidates.

Near the end of each semester, students involved with the Penn State Consulting Organization will be invited to go through an interview process that will determine whether they are a fit for the organization and whether they possess the skills to make them effective consultants.

Consulting at Penn State

Interested in learning more about Penn State consulting? Join our consulting listserv to receive updates and discover opportunities.